Why not come to one of my beadweaving classes at The New Forest Bead Shop?

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I live in the delightful New Forest (an ancient royal hunting ground with a variety of landscapes including heathland, forest and fields)  where each season is a delight. 
The beautiful wild ponies and deer conserve the landscape by grazing and add interest to the Forest. Other animals allowed to graze include cattle, donkeys; and in the autumn; pigs.

About me:  My name is Jennifer Airs and I’m passionate about beads, and about beading.

It’s the mix of the fabulous colours / textures of the beads and the way

these can be transformed with a few simple tools into rich and shapely objects. 


Designing beadwork was a natural progression from following, then

adapting, other people’s patterns. Over 120 of my patterns have been

published in books, in magazines and on Bead TV. Some patterns are

available as free downloads from this site.



British Bead Awards - I came 3rd in the beadwork Jewellery category in 2010 and won the Crystals category in 2011 I was a judge in 2012 and 2013.

Look out for my forthcoming 2015 entry to the Battle of the Beadsmith.


Learn more about me in a free downloadable biography from this site.